Global Solutions To Reduce Pollution From Automobiles

More Torque and Power out of Less Fuel !

Time Tested Simple Innovations and Solutions- Derived out of need and speed with 10 fold returns. Applicable to most tiny and mighty Gasoline and Diesel Engines with minor modifications to existing engine designs.
This simple Combustion Chamber Technology never existed in the last 110 Years ?

“ We Specialize in Work – Which few Understand ” !

In the early 1900’s the global fuel consumption was close to one million barrels per year. Today we have exceeded 90 million barrels each day. The worst effect, one litre of fuel burning results in 2.5 Kg’s Of CO2 filling our air.
Over time the composition of our atmosphere has changed to a heavier one filled with pollutants and poison. Will only get worse as time goes by.
Mother Nature has her own ways to correct.The sad bit is, all living life will suffer and perish due to our extravaganza and high flying lifestyles like never before.
We're living as if tomorrow never existed.

People love to suppress new Ideas more so when they are simple and easy to implement ? Most outside ideas are always misunderstood due to lack of understanding and enthusiasm to take them forward.
You decide what’s good for us - Simple or Complex Technologies?

somender singh

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This Technology has been Conceived, Patented, Perfected and Made In India by me, after transforming 100’s of Petrol and Diesel Engines. Lots of Time, Money and Efforts have gone in to achieve this.
This Proposal is in National Interests and has Great Potentials to be projected as “ Global Solutions ” which nobody has and is backed by my US Patent followed by Time Tested Solutions with over 50 years of self funded Experiments and Perfection!
The Need of the Hour is to bring down Fossil Fuel Consumptions and to achieve - A Smaller Carbon Foot Print - Per Km / Per Ton from existing polluting engines across the World !

Global Warming is real and is leading to Climatic Changes across the Globe ! licensed under Creative Commons License